Cyber Security Tips for Holiday Online Shopping

Posted on: December 12, 2018

It’s Christmas season again! This means people are making purchases online to avoid the long lines at the mall. Expect that a lot of consumers are visiting e-Commerce websites for promos, discounts and vouchers. Online stores give us the opportunity to shop 24/7, conveniently and hassle-free. The most important part? It saves time.

Since the Internet is a very large platform, it is evident that there will be many cyber threats and attacks while you shop online.                

Here are the tips for Holiday Online Shopping: 

1. Shop at websites that are verified. Buy from retailers you’ve transacted and shopped.
2. Mind the details. Take an eye of your credit/debit card details before proceeding to checkout.
3. Be aware in connecting to Public WiFi. When connecting to a public WiFi, there is a possibility that your data might be exposed by thieves. With those details, they could create a way to hack your accounts and expose your personal details.
 4. Watch out for email scams. Be careful in clicking emails from unknown senders offering discounts and vouchers. Some emails might harm and infect your computer with viruses and threats.
5. Don’t give out too much information. Be cautious in providing personal information like emails, passwords and bank details. If a website asks you to input your personal details, simply click the exit button and find a more reliable e-Commerce website to shop for your Holiday cravings.

Happy Ho-Ho-Holiday Shopping!

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