Document Management System

Go paperless and share digital documents easily.

We are an accredited implementation partner for document management system software applications that will help your organization to create e-documents, collaboratively edit and finalize these, completely secure and share documents within the organization. These applications allow the client to easily manage the entire document lifecycle online without paperwork and avoiding time-consuming steps. The DMS is the perfect application for ISO accreditation requirements, and also the ideal solution to reducing the use of papers and inks.


Go paperless! FileHold is a document management and records management software solution that turns cabinets of paper and electronic files into an organized, highly secure library and allows organizations to fast track to the paperless office. FileHold is easy to use, easy to install, and is affordable for small to large organizations. It integrates with existing applications and enriches Microsoft SharePoint deployments. Features include web access, search, version control, tagging, workflow, secure user rights, mark up and annotations, redaction, scanning, OCR and indexing. Records Management features allow records to be converted to archives, put into legal hold, or be scheduled for final disposition.



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