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Digital Marketing

WebFocus operates as a one-stop shop for various online business solutions necessary to get your business high ranking with major search engines.

WebFocus digital marketing service can help you drive sales directly from your Web site without making office calls if you have a well-designed site, a professional search engine positioning campaign designed to bring prospects where you want them, and a well-developed sales conversion process. It's the most remarkable marketing innovation brought about by the internet age.

We aim to provide your business initial benefits which include bringing cost-effective targeted and active leads to your clients, increased recurring revenue and competitive edge over other companies in the same industry. Our methods will give your website better exposure in Google, Yahoo and Bing engines. We can help your business effectively reach your target market or audience.

The ultimate goal is to get you flowing visitors to your website that would later on translate to increased business activity and profitability.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Don't be left behind.
Search engines are the primary method people use to find information on the web. Not submitting your URL (Domain Name) to the top search engines would be like building a brand-new store and not telling anyone about it.

Taking advantage of our SEO services may also increase any business' presence in the World Wide Web, getting as well as raises the awareness regarding the product such as product information and anything in between.

We can submit your websites to 300 plus various top search engines. We can offer analysis to improve your search engine ranking and internet visibility.

E-mail Marketing

Our email marketing can help you connect with your target audience to promote your brand and increase sales through sharing your activities, promotions and stories.

Today, if your market doesn't see you in the vast online jungle, it means you don't exist. If you don't exist to your market, prepare for your sales' extinction.

Wouldn’t it be so easy if your email marketing could seamlessly tie your new leads with your existing sales funnel? The emails you send out to your potential leads would always be relevant while the sales pipeline would have fewer bad leads or leaks, and your conversion rate would always be on the rise.

Social Media Marketing

To grow your business today through brand awareness and loyalty, Social Media and Content are the foundation for achieving success. A successful Social Media marketing campaign can bear fruit in the form of revenue, but only after creating a social community with engaged and motivated consumers.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are valuable resources to entice high-quality traffic to your website.

Webfocus Solutions, Inc. offers a full suite of social media marketing services for your business. We can help brand your business online, engage customers and boost sales. Let us implement the most effective online awareness marketing strategy and help manage your next campaign.

Our social media marketing team will work with you to develop a strategy for increasing your online presence and brand awareness through social media marketing.