Building Connections Through Technology

Posted on: December 05, 2018

Last November 16, 2018, a partnership event took place between WebFocus Solutions, Inc. and the Philippine Association of Legitimate Services Contractors at Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant, Greenhills, San Juan. Both parties aimed at “Building Connections through Technology”, which was the recurring theme throughout the event. Through WebFocus’s services, PALSCON was able to use technology as a means to make their business functions more efficient and effective, and at the same time, become more visible to the open digital market.

Many of the officers of PALSCON found time from their busy schedule to attend this event. Their National President, Ms. Rhoda Caliwara, gave a short speech about how she was so enthusiastic and excited to partner with WebFocus and continue to patronize our services, starting with the website development. PALSCON’s National Vice President, Mr. Armand Guiterrez Jr., their board of directors, Ms. Agnes Escalona, Ms. Lea Soriano, Ms. Soraya Barzaga, Mr. Al Chichioco, and Mr. Froilan Florendo, as well as their secretary, Ms. Paula Narciso, were also all present during the occasion.

During the event, we gave a glimpse of the fresh and innovative services we are now offering. Through a short presentation, we showcased that we are still the best at providing any type of I.T. solution, tailor-fit for all the needs and requirements of PALSCON, solidifying the partnership between us. We are truly strengthening connections with one another by means of technology, and our relationship will certainly progress as both organizations continue to achieve growth and success together.

It has been WebFocus’s core principle to strengthen relationships between our partners through technology. Just as PALSCON is more than satisfied working with us, we also want you to be part of our growing circle and experience the luxury of having someone like WebFocus catering to all your I.T. needs.

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