WebFocus joins PALSCON's 8th National Forum

Posted on: November 29, 2018

Last November 27, 2018, WebFocus participated in the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors’ 8th National Forum entitled The Future of Our Work: Integrating Technology, Transforming People, Evolving Laws, which took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Galleria, Quezon City. The attendees mostly consist of executives, decision makers and PALSCON members. This special event was an opportunity for them to dive deeper into the world of technology and the latest trends.

Aside from us, known brands such as Globe GCash, TrueMoney, SunLife, and Dell were also present as exhibitors during the event. They also showcased their specialties through each of their products and services such as System Applications, Online Payment Transactions, Portals, and many more. Therefore, this is the perfect time for WebFocus to present ourselves to the I.T. industry. Forum attendees and participants had the chance to visit our booth and get to know more about what we can offer.

During the forum, the speakers discussed about different topics that revolved around human resource advancement such as Service Contracting, the Digitalization Mindset, Co-Employment, Gig Economy, and Talent Management. There were also keynote speakers like Shahab Shabibi, CEO and co-founder of MyKuya, an application-based platform that connects people looking for on-demand jobs to the workforce community. MyKuya’s concept embraces the shared and gig economy, wherein people are given a chance to work temporarily, or at a certain amount of time in a day, depending on the agreement. Through this, the latest technology is being capitalized as one of the most effective ways to recruit employees.

Technology makes things efficient.  It comes with self-control and an innovative mindset that makes your work easier and faster. Through technology, you can work anywhere you want to, whether it is from your laptop, desktop, or even your mobile phone, which makes you productive whatever the situation may be. Technology is not simply about automating work or jobs, but it’s more of adapting to the latest platform that could make diverse business functions run smoothly and seamlessly.

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