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5 Good Points of a Personal Website

Here are some benefits why you should create a personal website as soon as you are able to generally, people think that a website is only essential[...]

Basic ways to find out if the email is phishing or spam

Nowadays, attackers really doing their job to spread their malicious campaign. Which is really disturbing right?

Different Kinds of Phishing That You Might Encounter

What is Phishing? Phishing is a cybercrime wherein a cybercriminal attempts to trick and gather sensitive information such as personally identifiab[...]

Defend Yourself from Email Impersonation Attack

Emails remain one of the most common ways where businesses notify their clients about updates on their services, announcement of new products, or r[...]

Brand Impersonation on Social Media That You Should Watch For

There is a form of phishing attack where scammer disguise to be a certain brand and it is categorized to be a Brand Impersonation. Have y[...]

8 Effective Steps that You Need to do After Graduating from College

How are you feeling right now? Do you already have an idea on what to do after graduating from college? Here are some of the effective steps that w[...]

Introducing Our New Office

Last April 12, 2019, we at WebFocus celebrated our long-awaited move to a new office in Antel Global Corporate Center, located in Julia Vargas Aven[...]

The Latest Development of Ransomware Discovered to be Clever

There are things that you need to know about the latest development of ransomware!

IT Infrastructure - Everything You Need to Know about Dedicated Cloud Hosting

With Dedicated Cloud Hosting, you simply own your cloud infrastructure with its own dedicated security, performance, and capability, and you are de[...]