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Message from the CEO

Many people do not know this, but the so-called “AGE OF AQUARIUS” had begun in 2012, with Aquarius, being the zodiac sign for electronics and information technology. The year 2012 saw the advent of different kinds of electronic and IT advancement. The Age of Aquarius is still in its transition stage and those businesses that failed or fail to cope with the changes in technological advances have either closed down or in danger of closing.Since 2012, the world had seen the rise of Apple, Google, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. as well as the fall of many technological firms.

​The transition period is still prevalent; change must be made. It is our role to help our clients and convince more businesses to make a choice between adopting the old values or adopt the new evolved ones. For their businesses to progress further, they must remove the old structures and plant seeds of new ones. 

​Webfocus Solutions, Inc. must likewise transform itself to conform to the evolving technologies. We cannot rebuild unless we destroy what does not serve us any more. Change starts with us; rebuild our old structures with better foundations and adopt the new evolved ones. 

​We must likewise adopt a culture of growth, reliability, excellence, advocacy and teamwork, within ourselves and towards our clients. Only then shall we achieve our goal for greatness.

​Let us make the year 2019 as a new banner year to a better and greater digital transformation for our clients and us! Together, we can make things happen!

Raul C. Villanueva
CEO - WebFocus Solutions, Inc.