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Doc Pedro is a new addition to the wide range of IT-related services offered by WebFocus Solutions, Inc. Doc Pedro is built for your computers’ health, primarily software and application maintenance, prevention, and troubleshooting. Instead of hiring a fulltime staff to troubleshoot your computers’ software and / or applications, Doc Pedro is here, a computer-health specialist. You save on costs, and you also save time. With Doc Pedro, you are assured of high-quality service worth every peso you pay.


What we can do

Redesign your network to fit to your company needs.
Have your systems checked by one of our technical consultants for free.


Computer Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Software Installation

Website Vulnerability Scan Report

Online Backup Setup

Antivirus Installation & Setup

3rd Party E-mail Client Setup

Offsite Backup Service

And many more!



Our Plans

Endpoint Security

Management Solution

Total Care


Web Security

Management Solution

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