Services - Web Design & Web Development Philippines

Here at WebFocus Solutions Inc., we specialize on e-commerce solutions. But we don't just do it for the sake of doing it. We do it for the sake of all the clients who have trusted us through the years. We also do it for the sake of all the clients who are yet to trust us.

Web Development

WebFocus designers are trained to produce websites that balance stunning graphics with easy navigation. The ability to create a navigable interface that customers can use the first time they visit your site, while maintaining the creative, attention-getting aspects is a true talent. You will find this talent displayed on all our websites.

Web Design

Your website has to be functional. It has to be user-friendly. It must have all of the information about you or your company. We don't want to brag, but we understand your needs and we also know how dress it with a tailored-fit web design.

Responsive Templating

One of humans' unique traits is being responsive and adaptive to changes. Our sites must also follow the trend. Like liquid, our website templates must follow the shape of its container. Don't be left out. Respond to the call of change now!

Web Hosting

WebFocus offers powerful virtual hosting solutions that are affordable and can store websites with fully integrated Internet solutions for both small and big organizations.


We accept outsourcing work for various I.T. Companies in the U.S. Our team include some of the finest programmers in the Philippines. Our quality work, professionalism, talent, customer service, and fluency with English make us ideal partners for outsourcing web projects.

Flash Animation

We design flash animation that delivers low bandwidth, high impact message to your audience, giving visitors a moving visual presentation. Our comprehensive in-house design process offers clients every element needed to create both a dramatic and effective online message for marketing, sales, training, or product development.

Database Applications

Our staff includes certified experts in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We make use of Active Server Page (ASP) Technology, as well as other popular database tools. We use this to build effective, cost efficient, web integrated database applications like building product catalogues, and member's database.

E-commerce Solutions

From simple online ordering systems, shopping cart to more complicated B2B systems, WebFocus can design it for you at a very low cost.

Online Marketing Philippines

Today, if your market doesn't see you in the vast online jungle, it means you don't exist. If you don't exist to your market, prepare for your sales' extinction.

We can submit your websites to 300 plus various top search engines. We can offer analysis to improve your search engine ranking and internet visibility.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the primary method people use to find information on the internet. Not submitting your URL [domain name] to top search engines is like building a brand new store and not telling anyone about it.

Domain Registration

We see you already have a name for your business. Why not own it as your internet name as well? Your market has to call you something, right? Want to know more about our domain registration? Click here: Register Your Domain Now!

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Philippines

So, nobody has heard of you or your company? Then allow us to optimize your site, just don't blame us when you get a lot of phone calls from search engine inquiries.

Content Management Systems

We can design customize web-based content management programs so you can edit your website contents by yourselves.

WebFocus web development Philippines department customizes your website utilizing the latest techniques and technologies for coding, programming, frontend development and back end development.