Philippines Website Development Steps

Interested in our Web Development services but not quite sure about how to get things started? A lot of people think of custom web development as a fairly complicated process to go through which certainly isn't the case here at WebFocus, the Philippines Website Development. We've made an effort to make our process in custom web development as simple and straight forward as possible.

Web development process might depend on the complexity of the site, but the basic steps in developing your website is as follows:

Step 1: Determine your goals

  • Review goals of the project.
  • Address technical, functional, and production concerns.
  • Explore brand, identity and audience.
  • Form central or core concept.

Step 2: Architecture

  • Examine content structure.
  • Map out user scenarios.
  • Define names of sections and navigation.
  • Determine future additions.

Step 3: Blueprints

  • Organize the exact content on paper diagrams.
  • Define placement of key content elements.
  • Define functionality for technology team.

Step 4: Interface Design

  • Create prototype of central concept.
  • Internal meeting on approved phases and approach.
  • Usability testing of tweaked prototype.
  • Create mock-ups based on approved blueprints and central concept.

Step 5: First Design Presentation

  • Present design concepts for initial response.
  • Examine graphic design for functionality, goal fulfillment and audience reaction.
  • Choose a design direction from mock-ups.

Step 6: Second Design Presentation

  • Address feedback from first design presentation.
  • Present updated design solution.
  • Approval of design solution.
  • Initiate production.

Step 7: Web Production

  • Deliver designs and templates.
  • Test concepts and implementation for usability and platforms.
  • Address all formatting, design or technology issues.
  • Deliver and present major portion of design production.
  • Final Testing.

Step 8: Launch

  • Site goes live
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