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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Good day,

As part of an ongoing effort to understand how WebFocus / Servobox Hosting Company can increase the value we bring our clients, we are conducting a brief survey on how ServoBox is supporting you today and delivering on our service promises.

You may remember we conducted a similar study before, and your response was great! We hope that you will again take the time to provide us with your valuable insight so that we may continue to improve the customer experience!

We've kept the survey short - approximately 5 minutes - to keep your time to a minimum and we would appreciate your input. If for any reason you need to exit the survey before you've had a chance to complete it, we can continue it some other time but you will be able to pick up the survey from where you left off.

Take Note: This brief survey was designed for us to know your needs and address your concerns so that we will be able to improve more of our services. You will not be asked for any personal identifiable information. Your answers will remain confidential to us.

Thank you for your input and participation!

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