Is Your Website Ethical And Moral?

How do you increase your online visibility?

Talking about morals and ethics can be really tricky, due to its subjective nature. What makes a website development project unacceptable? Let's poke around the gray areas and see what we can find as morally questionable.

Websites of slaughterhouses versus vegan designers and developers: This type of website development project is clearly a dilemma between opposing principles and beliefs. However, this wouldn't budge a carnivorous web developer.

Websites of sex toys: A website development that requires an e-commerce platform for sex toys can easily offend or exploit women designers and developers.

Websites of blood and physical violence: A website development needing blood and gore to be displayed in its pages invites negativity and brutality. Something just isn't right.

Websites of slaves: If you are offered cold hard cash to do a website development project involving human trafficking, you must immediately turn down. Never entertain the slave-trader idea.

Several other questionable website development projects can be exposed if you would just do research. These includes work from home scams, spam mailers, government grant scams, MSN id harvesters, website clones, viruses, adware, religious websites, the list goes on.

The reality that there're a lot of these in the internet means that there are developers who have no trouble in completing such website development projects. They must be thinking of an acceptable reason why they did it, or maybe they simply don't care.

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Need I say more?