What Website Design Makes Your Visitors Chicken Out

What scares them?

Yes, you might have an artistic website design, but do you know that some of your ideas simply freak your visitors out? Read on and see what design errors must be avoided.

Pop-up surveys: You know the importance of a customer feedback in your website. That's why you cannot leave it out of your website design. But when it pops up and asks your visitor to complete a survey, it simply scares them out.

Trendy web 2.0 interface: Simplicity and consistency still holds the basic principles of website design. Informational and entertainment-based websites must provide contents that can be easily accessed by visitors. Keeping up with a consistent interface then, is a must.

Contents that are impossible to read: You may have created a fancy website design, but your contents are just not readable. Check your text size, your font face, your font color and your background color.

Too much animation: Visitors hate a website design that has too many animations in it. There's also the presence of those videos that start loading without the need to click a play button. This consumes too much bandwidth and makes the other tabs of your visitors to load slower.

Too loud: Adding a loud audio advertisement, announcement, or any music in your website design can be really irritating. If you want to be remembered and to be catchy using an intense audio, then you are on the wrong track.

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