To Redesign OR Not To Redesign? [Part 1 of 2]

Should you or should you not give your web design a facelift? You might want to check these elements first before you change any of those CSS codes you've got there.

  • What is your goal in revamping your web design? What do you wish to achieve? You must have a stand why you want a redesign in the first place. If you could not answer this simple question, then you might be on the wrong track. You could be wasting all your time and effort doing a new web design that still doesn't meet your needs.
  • Does your current web design need a minor retouch or a total makeover? For starters, you must figure out the types of changes you want to apply to your new web design for it to reach the goals you have set.
  • Which of your current design features are still powerful and useful? Hopefully, there are still a handful of aspects in your present web design that are effective and compelling. If there are, then you would like to keep them and fuse them with your new design.
  • Which of your current web design features are lame and impractical? Dispose all the clutter in your site. Double check if there are aspects in your design that do not actually help with your corporate branding.
  • Know your target users. While you are doing your usual web design process, you must never forget to consider your online visitors. Once you have determined whom you are talking to and who your audiences are, it'll be fairly easy for you to do a new website design.
  • How can modifying your existing web design make it more user-friendly? If you are simply aiming to improve your site's practicality, then you might as well consider making it more user-friendly. A web design, no matter how visually appealing, still needs to be accessible and uncomplicated.
  • Should you change your logo too? A web design is not a web design if it doesn't have a logo in it. Check out your logo. If it looks old-fashioned compared to your new design, then you might want to update it with something that could go well with your dream website design.
  • Should you change your color scheme? Almost always, it's a good idea to just give your current web design a minor tweak. A slight change with its color scheme will be ideal for repeat visitors. You may actually add some complimentary colors to give it a new kick.
  • What screen resolutions are your visitors usually using? Well, Google Analytics could actually help you with this one. You must take into consideration the typical screen resolutions of your visitors with your fixed-width website design.
  • What connection speed do your visitors typically use? A fast-loading website is a must. If you analyze your visitors' connection speed, you can easily figure out what types of elements you can add in your web design without making it hard to load for your average visitor.

Web design encourages confidence and trust in the site as it is able to look legitimate and "professional", depending on the web design elements chosen. Web design can maintain a clear, consistent and unified message and operation. Obvious as it may be, a good web design site should be memorable. Being memorable, and making sure you stick in the user's mind, is dependent on a lot of factors. It's no good if your visitors remember why you are great but don't remember your name. Evidently, web design is much more than just a pretty picture.

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