To Redesign OR Not To Redesign? [Part 2 of 2]

Should you create a new web design or should you be satisfied with the present one? You may be approached by a web design company suggesting that your website needs an overhaul. Okay, check out the continuation of our list before you change your HTML and CSS codes.

  • Where should your web design focus on? Study your web design and analyze which contents you would like to emphasize. By knowing this, you can easily manage which parts get more attention from visitors.
  • How can you make your navigation more effective? Navigation is an essential element that measures the practicality of a web design. Put yourself in your visitor's shoes. Think how he would want to move around your site. Make it as convenient and as simple as possible.
  • What will be the catch for your visitors to keep them coming back to your site? A seemingly stunning web design would still fail if it doesn't offer anything beneficial to your visitors. A website, more importantly, has to fulfill a certain need of your target audience. Predict what your visitors want and think of the best way to cater them.
  • How can you increase user-interaction? A competitive web design is able to get visitors engaged in one way or another. You must think of adding blogs to your site since these encourages comments and discussions in your page. The more engaging your website is, the more likely it is to get a high number of repeat visitors.
  • Who will be in-charge of the site's updates and maintenance? With your planned web design revamping, you must decide if you will be the one to perform regular maintenance and updates. If you are thinking of assigning multiple persons, then code commenting comes in. Your codes must always be kept as clean as possible.
  • Should you use a Content Management System (CMS)? CMS is now highly-favored by website owners. Your site can be updated on the fly without the need of a designer. With your web design, you must also assume the load and type of updates necessary. CMS, after all, is a wise, time-saving choice.
  • How can you improve your SEO? You shouldn't just focus with your web design, don't forget to include your SEO with your plans. Your existing site may or may not be SEO-friendly, but your redesign must certainly be. Analyze if your current page titles, headers, internal links should be kept, or if they can be further improved.
  • What keywords and key phrases should you target? Evidently, your keywords must be present in titles, headers, anchor texts, alt tags, etc. Creating a web design not knowing what your target words and phrases are would be useless and ineffective.
  • What pages and search terms cause the most traffic? If a certain page in your website is doing very well with Google and his pals, it'll probably be a stupid decision to make major changes to its content. You may actually overlook this when doing a web design, but making too much tweaks to a page will be do or die for your present rankings.
  • What will make visitors want to come back? Having read the 19 tips, you must now have a clear vision how your new web design can make a strong impact. Aside from the elements I have mentioned, feel free to add other factors to help you in redesigning your site.

Remember, when it comes to your business and your companies exposure on internet, take you time locating a quality web design company. Your future may depend on it. A technically sound web design company takes care of all these factors. But as a client, you must be entirely satisfied with the services of a particular web design company before you make your pick.

Web design encourages confidence and trust in the site as it is able to look legitimate and "professional", depending on the web design elements chosen. Web design can maintain a clear, consistent and unified message and operation. Obvious as it may be, a good website should be memorable. Evidently, web design is much more than just a pretty picture. The list elements mentioned here can give you a guideline to find the web design company that suits you most and gives you the worth of your hard earned money.

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