It's Easy as 1-2-3-4!

I present to you, the Fantastic Four!

Number one: You must be a master web designer! As a kickass web designer, you must produce a web design that is tailored fit for your business. It must also match with your existing offline marketing projects. It's a great challenge for you to create a website design that has a strong visual impact not only for your visitors, but also for your fellow designers as well.

Keep this in mind, first impressions last. I'm sure you'd be dying to do everything to make that impression good and worth-remembering. Once you have established the desired reaction from your target audience, the only thing left for you to do is to maintain the theme of your web design.

Number two: Your website design's navigation must be like a walk in the park. Your visitors must easily reach every page from every other page. Get it? Of course, you do! Links to other pages that are fused with your texts play a big part. I highly suggest you to add a site map and keyword search function with your web design.

Number three: Your contact information must be highlighted in your web design. It must be placed where it can stand out. Should your visitor want to get in touch with you right away, your contact details must be directly available and clearly visible.

Number four: Be easy with your contents. Creating a web design also means considering your text. Dark-colored text on light background is actually preferred by readers, or else, you'll be giving them eyesores. Use as much headings as possible, use short paragraphs, bullets, and number points. Use plain and simple words. Do not complicate your contents.

Here's a tip, your text must be directed to your target audience --- not you! You must write about possible solutions for your website visitor's problems. If you have an awesome web design, you must also have sensible website content.

Web design encourages confidence and trust in the site as it is able to look legitimate and "professional", depending on the web design elements chosen. Web design can maintain a clear, consistent and unified message and operation. Obvious as it may be, a good web design site should be memorable. Being memorable, and making sure you stick in the user's mind, is dependent on a lot of factors. It's no good if your visitors remember why you are great but don't remember your name. Evidently, web design is much more than just a pretty picture.

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Need I say more?