Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Are websites only home page deep?

"Don't judge a book by its cover." You have already heard this for the nth time, but I'll bet you haven't heard of this one yet, "don't judge a website by its home page." Yeah, yeah, it may be your first time to encounter this phrase, but you have been doing this subconsciously every single time you surf the internet. So, should we blame this on web design then?

Living in the era where social media is king, where share, like, and follow are just common household terms, it is most likely for your company to cut a slice of your cake from the ever-growing online community. You invest thousands, probably even millions, just to shape up a seemingly perfect web design to represent your company in front of billions of onlookers and lurkers.

Your company's website, particularly its web design, plays an essential part. It is what "we", your market, see when we look into your company's online image. How it looks and feels, its color scheme, layout, and ease of navigation, these all matters. These all add up to make a competitive web design, plus it must also load fast enough, or you might just lose a visitor.

Speaking of visitors, if your web visitor finds your web design visually appealing for the first three seconds or less, he'll stay for a while and hopefully scan through your pages. On the other hand, if your website failed to capture his interest, then sorry, your website's tab will be closed within just a split-second.

It will be judged as simple as that. Trust me. I'm sure you have been closing sites commonly because it doesn't appeal to you. Or it looks plain, boring, and unprofessional. So now, do you doubt your web design?

Luckily, there is a solution.

WebFocus Solutions, Inc. When you see a website with stunning graphics and easy navigation, it must definitely be one of our masterpieces. It must definitely be one of our many genius web designs. Evidently, web design is much more than just a pretty picture.

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Need I say more?