Do's And Don'ts To Build A Dog-Eat-Dog Website [Part 1 of 3]

Hey, it's a dog-eat-dog world after all!

If you know the tips and tricks in web development, then your website can be the most dangerous marketing weapon you'll ever have. Would you do it right, or would you screw it up? Read on to save yourself.

Do these:

  • Aim cleverly. In web development, you must set clear, measurable, and realistic goals. Aspire for a website that would eventually help you increase your conversion rates, increase sales, generate more leads, reduce overhead, and also improve brand awareness.
  • Be an SEO guru. With your web development, you might actually ask an in-house expert to do your SEO. However, search engine optimization is something you must also learn. Try reading SEO-related blogs and keep yourself posted with SEO trends.
  • Settle with open-sourced tools. You could ask for a quick-fix from a paid Content Management System (CMS). But, why pay when you could get it for free? Doing a web development must not drain your funds. There are several good open-sourced systems like WordPress and Magento, use them to your advantage.
  • Plan out your mobile strategy. Before you could start with your web development, you must first study and analyze have many visitors are likely to use mobile devices to access your website. If it's relatively high, you may want to consider developing a different version fit for a mobile application. If it's low, don't bother investing too much on a mobile version. Just make sure though, that your site would work on a smart phone.
  • Copy your competitors. Don't start with your web development just yet! Go and check out your competitor's site first. List points where they really excel, and also note down their weak points. If you actually like what you see in their website, why don't you make something like it and own it by fusing in your style and injecting some of your creative juices.

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Need I say more?