Do's And Don'ts To Build A Dog-Eat-Dog Website [Part 3 of 3]

Hey, it's a dog-eat-dog world after all!

For your web development to succeed, you should never attempt to do these 10 things.

For your own sake, never do these:

  • Do it on your own. Your website is where your visitors first see and "feel" your company and brand. It'll leave an impression that could either make you or break you. Never handle everything in your web development alone.
  • Don't make your visitors feel dumb. When someone visits your site, they initially know what to do and what they want from it. Give your website a 3-second test. Within 3 seconds, a visitor must figure out what he must do next. If he fails, you should probably bring your web development back to step one.
  • Don't expect visitors. The saying "if you build it, they will come" simply doesn't work with web development. Putting up a website can not automatically invite visitors in.
  • Overspending is a big no-no! Never spend your entire company budget with a web development project. It will be a smart move to leave some money for your marketing activities.
  • Bury the blogs. Let's be honest, are you really going to write blog posts? If your answer is no, then forget about adding a blog in your web development. When your visitors see an outdated blog, they could actually perceive that you're a small-time company.
  • Forget about Facebook and Twitter. Well, I must say, forget about these social networking sites if you hardly have any followers. Your visitors' trust in you may just slope down. Build up your online presence first before you consider adding them in your web development plan.
  • One cannot serve two masters. A great web development, no matter how genius it may be, still couldn't cater to all types of audiences. Just figure out where your niche market is, and focus on how you could give them the best experience from visiting your site.
  • Are your testimonials trustworthy? We both know that credibility is an essential aspect of branding. However, more often than not, testimonials just sound bogus. If you are to add recommendations from your customers or clients in your web development, you must be pretty sure that they are specific, clear, and relatable.
  • Flash is too flashy. If your web development can still stand without a Flash content, then why use it? Eventually, websites with these contents will be no longer supported on mobile devices. A visitor who can't open your flashy site will simply leave.
  • It is not a one-night stand. A good web development takes time to nearly perfect. If you are hoping for amazing results, be patient enough to wait.

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