Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Website Hosting

When you have created a website, and it is time to get it on the web so people can find it. You will need to buy your domain that will give you a unique url address and you have to choose good website hosting site to store the website online.

Free website hosting is ideal if your budget is small to non-existent. It can be the perfect thing for a personal web site. It can be a good choice for new webmasters who have simple website content and a very tight budget. A free website hosting provider charges nothing for their hosting services.

However, for a business, free hosting is not recommended. There are some clear advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing between the free website hosting and paid website hosting.

Advantages of Free Website Hosting:

  • It does not cost you anything. There are not any monthly fees, and everything you want can be uploaded to your website.
  • Free website hosting sites are generally user-friendly. This can be a good website hosting option for newbies, who are still learning about all this.
  • Time is not money. A free hosting site, has no monthly fees like some of the best paid website hosting companies, so you do not have to feel you are not making good use of your money. It takes you a long time to learn.

Disadvantages of Free Website Hosting:

  • Free website hosting only has a limited amount of space you can use. Free hosting accounts often do not provide enough storage or bandwidth for most businesses. There is not enough room for a large website site with many colorful graphics, some video and multiple pages.
  • You may wonder how free providers can afford to offer free website hosting. Almost always, they make money by putting advertisements on the free pages. Therefore, you can certainly expect your pages to show ads on them that you did not place there. The worst is when a free host uses popups, which is very aggravating for visitors. Free web hosting sites term and conditions often require that you allow their online banners and advertisements to be placed on your website. As they will say, it is what pays the bills.
  • A free site has their name along with your unique domain name in the address. If you have a business, a potential client might think you are not successful enough to have your own website, and turn away to find someone whose website is with one of the best paid website hosting services.
  • You must use their website designs and system and cannot upload other popular website products like Wordpress into the free site.

The bottom line, paid website hosting is the better option for anyone seeking web hosting for a business. When it comes to choosing a website hosting provider to display your website content, it is important to analyze your needs and the services being offered.

Paid website hosting definitely comes out as the winner. It simply has more to offer, and can be obtained for very affordable rates these days. Click here for information on the high quality and cheapest website hosting Philippines package offered by WebFocus Solutions, Inc. at